About Us

The Hallmark of Maynard Buckles in a small Southwestern town, Thoreau New Mexico entered a highly competitive market in October of 1981 with the owner, Ralph Maynard, a former world-class Saddle Bronc rider, creating a well renowned reputation for his line of trophy buckles. Now walking closely in her father’s footsteps is Kelsi Maynard.

She was actively involved in rodeo activities and desired a business venture of her own. Growing up in her father’s business was the most likely choice and a choice she readily made. Her father was excited to hand over the reins so that he could pursue other things.

The buckles epitomizing the glamorous image of the rodeo star attracted the attention of the rodeo world when Maynard Buckles embraced the art and craft of the Indian silversmith, utilized the finest materials available and focused on attractive and affordable buckles that far surpassed what was available. In addition, Maynard Buckles guaranteed rapid delivery for the Champions of rodeo.

Ralph Maynard who rode professionally for ten years relied on the strength of his good name and his knowledge of rodeo to build a business recognized throughout the United States. The business expanded to include handmade trophy saddles, spurs, trophy watches with hand tooled bands and custom designed faces, and other jewelry, gifts and accessories. If a design can be imagined, it can be brought to life by Maynard Buckles artistic staff.

With the territory, came a wide eyed, Breakaway, Team Roping All Around Cowgirl riding on success, energy and talent. Kelsi the younger entrepreneur tailored the family business and used the same design tools as her father. The yellow lined paper and a pencil finds its way from one desk to the next until reaching the skillful silversmith who creates a uniquely beautifully finished product prized by the rodeo world and others. As popularity and mystique of the rodeo design buckles increased, specialty design buckles and items came into vougue for country western singers, football players, car racing fans, tennis and golf tournament promoters, dignitaries and the like, allowing Maynard Buckles to expand their creative energy, widening the field for new ideas.  Most of the creations consist of 16 gauge Sterling Silver or Sterling filled material. The designs, events and lettering are generally crafted from 22 gauge Jewelers Gold filled, Jewelers Gold, Copper, Sterling Overlay, Sterling Silver or 10 Karat Gold filled material.

Approximately 30-40 local Navajo silver and goldsmiths are employed with Maynard Buckles on a full time basis in the locality between Grants and Gallup, New Mexico. All or the products produced by Maynard Buckles is 100% Made in the United States. The handcrafted buckles are shipped to many countries including but not limited to Canada, Mexico, Germany, Australia and Spain.

The strength of the company is gaining momentum from their well renowned reputation. Just ask any rodeo cowboy or cowgirl who has been a recipient of a Maynard Buckle. There is pride in making them. The buckles that cinch the belts of rodeo cowboy and cowgirl symbolize the pinnacle of success in one of the worlds toughest sports.